Emergency housing and service solutions to end homelessness in Union County.

About Us

Impact Station is a short-term emergency shelter for individuals and families, primarily in Union County. The Station will assist clients in finding secure, transitional housing and opportunities to improve their economic well-being through comprehensive, supportive services.

Family Promise of Delaware County, Ohio, the Station’s housing provider, works with homeless families and single adults who desire to become self-sufficient and are willing to work with an assigned advocate to devise and carry out a plan for permanent housing and income stability.

The Station deploys a multifaceted service and housing response that meets the varied needs of individuals without a home.

An individual is at-risk for homelessness if they are:

Residing in overcrowded housing
Couch Surfing
Facing loss of their home
due to condemnation or eviction
Lacking a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence
Fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence or other dangerous or life-threatening situation

Follow this link US Department of Housing and Urban Development to learn  the category definitions of Homeless.

Many people are just one life event away from being homeless.

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The Need

Did you Know?

Many individuals experiencing homelessness are employed.

Homelessness, especially in rural areas, is often invisible.

Union County by the Numbers

residents are sheltered out-of-county annually.
homeless have been given hotel vouchers, tents or referrals.
calls to 211 requesting assistance for housing.
Students identified as homeless by Union County Education Administrators, between 2019-2021.
families requested assistance for homelessness.
Nights of lodging provided.

*Data compiled from Hope Center, Salvation Army, Bridges for 2020-2021

The Plan

Impact Station will be at 1140 Charles Lane, Marysville, Ohio in Union County. The Station is located adjacent to the Union County Family YMCA in a residential, mixed-use area. The Station is proximate to employment opportunities, retail, recreation,  and social services.

Union County nonprofits, including United Way, IMPACT60, The Hope Center (MAMA), and Bridges Community Action donated more than $200,000 to housing-related services in other counties.

  • Families struggling with homelessness, who are not as visible as homeless adults living on streets or in cars, are often overlooked
  • Singles, in particular veterans and senior citizens, may find themselves in a traumatic situation due to unforeseen expenses
  • Women are often fleeing domestic abuse
  • 20% of 18 years old aging out of foster care instantly become homeless

Students Experiencing Homelessness

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Children and Youth Program is to ensure that all children and youth, including preschoolers, have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education as non-homeless children and youth. From 2019-2021, 71 students in Union County schools were identified as homeless by education administrators.

The act gives homeless children rights such as:

  • The right to immediate school enrollment even when they may not have previous school records
  • The right to remain in the child’s “school or origin” if it’s in the student’s best interest
  • The right to receive transportation
  • The right to receive “support for academic success”
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